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Home for A While

Calvin has lived in many houses, but he still hasn't found a home. The foster care experience can bounce kids from home to home, causing  feelings of abandonment and uncertainty. Sometimes a grown-up can help a child learn to manage those feelings and identify their strengths. In Home for A While, Maggie is that grown up for Calvin. She shows him respect, offers him kindness, and helps him see things in himself that he's never noticed before. Hear author Lauren Kerstein read Home for A While aloud and practice some strategies to manage big feelings.

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Guía de navegación del coronavirus para niños

Todos han sido afectados por la pandemia del COVID-19.  Jóvenes y adultos por igual tienen muchas preguntas. Este libro ilustrado, escrito en un lenguaje sencillo que incluso el niño más pequeño puede seguir, contesta las preguntas de ellos.  Una Nota a Padres y Cuidadores les da consejos para ayudar a los niños manejar su ansiedad causado por la pandemia.      Escucha a la traductora, Samantha G. Rodriguez, lea el libro Guía de navegación del coronavirus para niños en voz alta.  Ver todos los libros del Magination Books para ayudar a los niños hacer frente al COVID-19. Hear A Kid's Guide to Coronavirus read aloud in English here.

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Sophie’s Shell

Why is the sky blue? Why are raindrops wet? What are stars made of? Why am I so shy? Sophie can't wait til she's old enough to go to school. She has so many questions she wants to learn the answers to. But when it's finally time, Sophie feels so shy, she keeps popping back in her shell. What can help Sophie build the confidence she needs to come out of her shell and explore the world? Hear author, Jo Rooks, read Sophie's Shell aloud. Sophie's Shell is part of The Once Upon a Garden Series. Read a piece Jo Rooks wrote about supporting your shy child.

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