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Baby Blue

Baby Blue lives in a world where everything is blue: the trees, the flowers, even the animals. By accident, he discovers another little person like him, only they are yellow, not blue. Scared but curious, he overcomes his fear and introduces himself to Baby Yellow. With his new friend, Baby Blue realizes that the world is full of new and wonderful things to discover. Hear author and illustrator, Judi Abbot, read Baby Blue, aloud. Read an interview with Judi Abbot about creating Baby Blue here.

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The Not-So-Scary Dog

What would you do if you were invited to a birthday party with a trampoline and games and pizza, cake, AND ice cream, but a big scary dog would be there, too? Tommy's fear of dogs stands in the way of him enjoying a friend's party. His mom helps Tommy overcome his fear by taking small steps to get used to dogs using exposure therapy in The Not-So-Scary Dog. Hear author Alanna Propst read The Not-So-Scary Dog aloud.

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Home for A While

Calvin has lived in many houses, but he still hasn't found a home. The foster care experience can bounce kids from home to home, causing  feelings of abandonment and uncertainty. Sometimes a grown-up can help a child learn to manage those feelings and identify their strengths. In Home for A While, Maggie is that grown up for Calvin. She shows him respect, offers him kindness, and helps him see things in himself that he's never noticed before. Hear author Lauren Kerstein read Home for A While aloud and practice some strategies to manage big feelings.

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