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Sophie’s Shell

Why is the sky blue? Why are raindrops wet? What are stars made of? Why am I so shy? Sophie can't wait til she's old enough to go to school. She has so many questions she wants to learn the answers to. But when it's finally time, Sophie feels so shy, she keeps popping back in her shell. What can help Sophie build the confidence she needs to come out of her shell and explore the world? Hear author, Jo Rooks, read Sophie's Shell aloud. Sophie's Shell is part of The Once Upon a Garden Series. Read a piece Jo Rooks wrote about supporting your shy child.

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Talking to Teachers About Your Anxious Teen

High school is a time of fun, excitement, growth, and change. For many teens, however, high school is also a time of tremendous stress. High schoolers must grapple with increased academic expectations, social pressures, executive function demands, romantic relationships, and decisions about their futures–all with a brain that is still developing and a body full of hormones! For teens prone to anxiety, high school can feel like a pressure cooker.

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Talking to Teachers About Your Anxious Child

School is a critical place of learning, development, socialization, and fun; however, for many children school can be a perfect storm of stressors. The average school day requires a child to separate from their parents, interact with potentially judgmental peers, face academic worries, speak in front of others, and tolerate being trapped in a busy, school building, among many other potential stressors! For anxious children, the school day can feel like a minefield full of challenging obstacles to overcome.

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