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COVID-19 Self-Care: Get Moving

This summer, many kids and families find themselves without much anticipated camps, trips to the pool, or vacations. Months into the COVID-19 pandemic, children are missing their friends, mourning the loss summer adventures, and worrying about what form school will take in the fall.  While splashing at the pool or playing on a sports team might not be possible this summer, finding other ways to get moving can help improve your child’s mood. Physical activity, whether it’s dancing, walking the dog, gardening, or riding a bike, can provide some relief from anxiety and COVID-19 summertime blues. Magination Press offers books for young children and teens that encourage physical movement or exercise. Bee Calm: The Buzz on Yoga by Frank J. Sileo, PhD, illustrated by Claire Keay, introduces kids to beginning yoga poses such as Mountain, Chair, Airplane, Cobra, and more. A note to parents and caregivers provides suggestions for introducing children to yoga and instructions for the poses in the story. Ready to start feeling better? Move and groove your way into a better mood! Move Your Mood!  by Brenda S. Miles, PhD, and Colleen A. Patterson, MA, illustrated by Holly Clifton-Brown, invites kids to explore their emotions through movement and introduces the idea that moving our bodies affects the way we feel inside. A note to parents, caregivers, and teachers provides suggestions for how to use the book with your child, and additional ideas for teaching your child about emotions. These books for teens provide more comprehensive guides toward self-care: Depression: A Teen's Guide to Survive and Thrive by Jacqueline B. Toner, PhD, and Claire A. B. Freeland, PhD, draws on Cognitive Behavior Therapy to help teens understand depression, and provides practical information on actions they can take to start feeling better. How to Feel Good: 20 Things Teens Can Do by Tricia Mangan, MA, offers strategies for teens to use to slow down and and pay attention to how they feel and what they think about themselves. Suggestions of "ways to be kind to your whole self" explore how caring for your physical body can improve your mood. Getting moving is a great way for kids and families to spend time together and feel better. If your child seems especially anxious or you are concerned about depression, please seek professional help. APA can help you find a psychologist near you, and during the pandemic, socially distant appointments are available.

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Unstuck! 10 Things to Do to Stay Safe and Sane During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside-down. All the uncertainties and changes cause stress. Unstuck! is a workbook for tweens and teens to help them manage stress and anxiety, express emotions, and cultivate creativity and gratitude. Hear author Bonnie Zucker, PsyD, read Unstuck! aloud. Download your free copy of Unstuck!: 10 Things to Do to Stay Safe and Sane During the Pandemic here.

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A Kid’s Guide to Coronavirus, super-people everywhere are wearing masks to protect each other from coronavirus. Feel free to wear a cape, too! Everyone has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Kids and grownups alike have lots of questions. This picture book, written in simple language that even the youngest child can follow, answers kids' questions. A Note to Parents and Caregivers provides tips to help kids manage anxiety caused by the pandemic. Hear author, Rebecca Growe, read A Kid's Guide to Coronavirus aloud. Download the book here. View all Magination Press books to help kids cope with COVID-19.

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