Anxiety In Teens: 11 Articles

Understanding, identifying, and managing anxiety in teens

Helping Students Deal with Academic Stress

Students are heading back to school, which can be a source of stress for many kids and teens. Whether they feel overwhelmed by the amount of work a project requires or they feel anxious about taking a test in a subject that they struggle with, academic stress can be a challenge. Luckily, there are lots of ways to help your children manage their school work without overwhelming anxiety or stress.

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Understanding Anxious Self-Talk

We call what we think and what we say to ourselves self-talk. It is one way we interpret situations, and those interpretations can determine how we feel and act. You have the capacity to generate many types of self-talk, and each type of self-talk can be helpful, neutral, or unhelpful.

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Talking to Teachers About Your Anxious Teen

High school is a time of fun, excitement, growth, and change. For many teens, however, high school is also a time of tremendous stress. High schoolers must grapple with increased academic expectations, social pressures, executive function demands, romantic relationships, and decisions about their futures–all with a brain that is still developing and a body full of hormones! For teens prone to anxiety, high school can feel like a pressure cooker.

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