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Anxiety in Teenagers Hero

Anxiety In Teenagers: How to Identify & Understand It

Identifying Anxiety

Is your teen experiencing run-of-the-mill worries, or dealing with a pattern of excessive anxiety? Learn the difference, as well as some tips to help you spot signs of anxiety in teens.

Anxiety in Kids Hero

Anxiety in Kids: How to Identify & Understand Anxiety Symptoms in Children

Identifying Anxiety

For parents of young children, watching your son or daughter exhibit potential symptoms of anxiety can feel particularly distressing. As a parent, you strive to make childhood a carefree, joyful time. But even in loving, safe, and supportive households, issues of anxiety can still come up.

Understanding Anxiety Hero

Types of Anxiety: Understanding Anxiety Disorders in Children and Teens

Types of Anxiety

While the term “anxiety disorder” may feel intimidating for parents and caregivers, it’s important to keep in mind that anxiety is actually a basic emotion. It’s normal for children and teens to experience anxiety periodically during their formative years.

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Read More about Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness is one way that children and teens can learn to cope with stress and enhance their overall mental health.

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Looking for a Psychologist?

Getting the help of a trained, licensed professional may be the best thing for your child. The APA’s Psychologist Finder can help you locate a therapist in your area.

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