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Addressing Summer Camp Anxiety

Managing Anxiety

Sleepaway camp can be one of the most fun and formative experiences in a child’s life. It is also rife with new challenges that children do not typically face at home, including being away from caretakers for an extended period of time, sleeping in a new place, and daily exposure to new activities, people, and expectations. Camp can be anxiety-provoking for even the most adventurous child, so it stands to reason that it might pose unique challenges for children who are learning to cope with anxiety.

Understanding Anxious Self-Talk

Identifying Anxiety

We call what we think and what we say to ourselves self-talk. It is one way we interpret situations, and those interpretations can determine how we feel and act. You have the capacity to generate many types of self-talk, and each type of self-talk can be helpful, neutral, or unhelpful.

It’s Okay to Make Mistakes: Addressing Perfectionism in Kids

Managing Anxiety

The term “perfectionism” is used informally to describe everything from keeping a detailed to-do list to preferring a very neat home. However, true, clinical perfectionism is a form of anxiety and is very different from simply being detail oriented or liking things to be “just so.” Perfectionists typically believe that they must be flawless, and they tend to feel very anxious about making mistakes.

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Looking for a Psychologist?

Getting the help of a trained, licensed professional may be the best thing for your child. The APA’s Psychologist Finder can help you locate a therapist in your area.

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