Parents need all kinds of resources to raise their children. The COVID-19 pandemic has created an entirely new set of challenges for parents and kids alike. Disruption of schooling and work, isolation from friends and family, and necessary hygiene and social distancing measures have changed the way we live, play, gather, and travel.

Magination Press created its Build Your Library Collection to provide resources to families as their children head back to school. These books address the specific challenges posed by the pandemic.

If you need to help a young child understand the pandemic, read A Kid’s Guide to Coronavirus by Rebecca Growe MSW, LCSW, and Julia Martin Burch PhD. This free picture book explains the virus, how it spreads, and what kids can do to help keep themselves and others safe. It also has a Note to Parents and Caregivers offering strategies to help children navigate anxiety they may feel about the pandemic. Download your free print copy, here, and here’s the Kindle version. It’s also available in Spanish and in Portuguese. Here’s the Spanish Kindle version, too. The Portuguese Kindle version is on the way.

Hear A Kid’s Guide to Coronavirus read aloud.

If your tween or teen is feeling the strain of distance learning, separation from friends and family, and cancellation of sports, arts, and other activities, Unstuck! 10 Things to Do to Stay Safe and Sane During the Pandemic by Bonnie Zucker, PsyD, can help. This activity book has journal prompts and activities designed to help older kids manage stress and anxiety, cultivate gratitude and creativity, and express their emotions. Download a free print copy here.  Here’s the Kindle version. A Spanish version is in the works.

Hear Unstuck! 10 Things to Do to Stay Safe and Sane During the Pandemic read aloud.

If you or your child are working on building resilience, The Hugging Tree by Jill Neimark, is a wonderful choice. From March to May 2020, people around the world shared this beautiful picture book about a little tree growing in very harsh conditions because of its message of kindness, compassion, and resilience. Read Ms. Neimark’s article about the internet read-aloud phenomenon.

Hear The Hugging Tree read aloud. 

Your child and your family may be experiencing new stresses and anxieties as a result of the pandemic. Magination Press has titles about stress, anxiety, and mindfulness that can help. Since mid-March, Magination Press Family has posted frequent articles about how to support your child in this challenging time, featuring appropriate books.

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Sharing books and talking with your children can help your family manage the impact of the pandemic. If your child is having persistent anxiety, sadness, irritability, or having other symptoms of stress (e.g., change of behaviors; sleep or appetite changes), it’s time to consider seeking professional help to help your child to navigate through this difficult time. Even though we are necessarily physically distant, help is still available. Here’s a link to help you locate a psychologist.

Related Books from Magination Press

  • A Kid’s Guide to Coronavirus

    Rebecca Growe, MSW, LCSW and Julia Martin Burch, PhD

    Kids have a lot of questions about the coronavirus pandemic and all the new changes in their lives.

    This colorful picture book gives them the answers they’ve been looking for, explaining what the virus is, how it spreads, and what they can do to help, in gentle and simple language that even the youngest kids can follow.

    A Note to Parents and Caregivers offers strategies for helping your kids navigate anxiety they might be feeling around the pandemic.

    Download a free pdf here.

  • Unstuck! 10 Things to Do to Stay Safe and Sane During the Pandemic

    Bonnie Zucker, PsyD

    In this stressful time, there are losses, uncertainties, and changes, all which can create a lot of feelings. Feelings are never right or wrong, they just are, and expressing your feelings can help.

    This activity book includes journal prompts and activities to help tweens and teens manage stress and anxiety, express emotions, and cultivate creativity and gratitude.

    Includes a Note to Readers with more information about healthy coping.

    Download your free copy of Unstuck! here.

  • The Hugging Tree: A Story About Resilience

    Jill Neimark


    The Hugging Tree tells the story of a little tree growing all alone on a cliff, by a vast and mighty sea. Through thundering storms and the cold of winter, the tree holds fast. Sustained by the natural world and the kindness and compassion of one little boy, eventually the tree grows until it can hold and shelter others.

    The resilience of the Hugging Tree calls to mind the potential in all of us: to thrive, despite times of struggle and difficulty. To nurture the little spark of hope and resolve. To dream and to grow, just where we are.

    A Note to Parents and Caregivers by Elizabeth McCallum, PhD, provides more information about resilience, and guidelines for building resilience in children.