Baby Blue lives in a world where everything is blue: the trees, the flowers, even the animals. By accident, he discovers another little person like him, only they are yellow, not blue. Scared but curious, he overcomes his fear and introduces himself to Baby Yellow. With his new friend, Baby Blue realizes that the world is full of new and wonderful things to discover.

Hear author and illustrator, Judi Abbot, read Baby Blue, aloud.

Read an interview with Judi Abbot about creating Baby Blue here.

by Judi Abbot

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Judi (Giuditta) Abbot went to art school in Italy. She’s since published books that have been translated around the world. Judi’s highly recognizable style features simple shapes and bright colors rendered in acrylics, colored pencils, and digitally. She lives in London, United Kingdom. Visit her online, and on Facebook and Instagram.