About Mary Vukadinovich

Mary Vukadinovich has been working with students with language-based differences for the last 16 years. As a learning specialist in Los Angeles, Mary values the opportunity to teach diverse learners, including students with dyslexia. Mary believes all her students can be successful, and she is constantly inspired by how brightly they shine.

Brilliant Bea

Despite her struggles with reading and writing, Beatrice is a natural and brilliant storyteller. With the help of a kind-hearted teacher, Beatrice uses an old-fashioned tape recorder so she can speak her words and them play them back, as a technique for learning in whole new way. With her new approach, Beatrice is able to show her classmates who she really has been all along. Brilliant Bea by Mary Vukadinovich and Shaina Rudolph is an endearing and empowering story that demonstrates that a learning difference like dyslexia doesn’t define who you are. Read an excerpt from Brilliant Bea that explores dyslexia and its treatment. See Magination Press books about learning differences.  Hear Brilliant Bea read aloud by Mary Vukadinovich.

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