As long as you let others love you,” Mama said, “you will be ok.”

We all carry dark clouds around with us—things that scare us or make us worry. When we share our fears and worries, we can feel better.

Hear author Dr. Tanu Shree Singh read Ani’s Light aloud and learn how to make a worry cloud and a joy box.

For tips on helping your child find their light in dark and scary times, read this excerpt from Dr. Singh’s Note to Parents and Caregivers.

by Tanu Shree Singh, PhD

This Article's Author

Dr. Tanu Shree Singh is an assistant professor of psychology in the Department of Higher Education, Haryana, India. She completed her studies in positive psychology at Maharshi Dayanand University and writes extensively on issues related to parenting. Her approach to parenting, rooted in her academic background, draws heavily from her experiences as a parent and a mentor. Her passion for reading and getting more children to read led her to set up two libraries in Faridabad and Tirthan Valley. She lives in Faridabad, India.

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  • Ani’s Light

    Tanu Shree Singh, PhD

    Ani’s stuck in a dark cloud. His friends and family try to brighten his mood, but nothing helps. When his mother finally comes home, missing her hair, Ani’s light gets brighter and brighter, chasing away his dark cloud. The unconditional love between Ani and his mother shines through as the two enjoy their precious time together, whether it’s forever, or just for now.

    This sensitive, hopeful story will help kids explore their sadness when a close family member is undergoing medical treatment, while highlighting sources of light that can bring stability during uncertain times. It is also a terrific resource for anyone who wants to understand how coping has its ups and downs.

    Includes a Note to Parents and Caregivers explaining ways to help a child cope.