Sadness is normal. You will make it through! But while you are waiting there are things you can do.

Everyone feels sad sometimes. There are lots of ways to cope with sad feelings, and your sad feelings won’t last forever.

Hear author, Holly Brochmann read this rhyming story about feeling sad and ways to feel better!

by Holly Brochmann

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Holly Brochmann is an advocate for managing common mental health issues through therapy and exercise. She has a degree in journalism and enjoys creative writing both as a hobby and as a primary part of her career in public relations. Holly lives in McKinney, Texas.
by Leah Bowen

This Article's Author

Leah Bowen has a Master of Education degree in counseling with a focus in play therapy. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist in the state of Texas where she currently practices, and she is committed to helping her child clients work through issues including abuse, depression and anxiety. Leah lives in Frisco, Texas.

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    This rhyming book will help kids identify what it feels like to be sad and what they can do to respond to it. It offers suggestions such as talking about what makes you feel sad, imagining happy things, or crying as a way to let the emotion out.

    The book lets kids know that it’s perfectly normal to feel sad — but offers a gentle reminder that the feelings won’t last for forever.

    Includes a Note to Parents and Caregivers about how to help children respond to strong feelings of sadness.