My love will always be. And as long as you look with more than just your eyes…you’ll find me.

Loss can feel lonely and sad. Missing a loved one, a pet, or even a favorite activity can leave a hole in your heart. You’ll Find Me gently suggests how memories and everyday experiences can help keep loved ones in mind forever.

Hear author Amanda Rawson Hill read You’ll Find Me aloud and learn how to make connection bracelets.

by Amanda Rawson Hill

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Amanda Rawson Hill co-runs a newsletter called Middle Grade at Heart, which is a book club kit with a new middle-grade book each month. Her debut middle-grade book was published in Fall 2018. She lives in Atwater, California. Visit online and follow on Twitter and Instagram.

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  • You’ll Find Me

    Amanda Rawson Hill

    Loss becomes remembrance in this book that offers tender ways to pay tribute to, and meaningfully incorporate, a loved one’s lost presence into present and future life experiences. Be it departed friends, family, pets, and more, memories can carry us beyond the precious moments we have together to keep the ones we loved before in mind forever.

    Throughout the book the omnipresent narrator encourages thoughtful reflection on the empty spaces left by the loss. The gentle scenes portrayed inspire recovery from sadness and honor those who are absent. This lyrical heartful story provides consent and gently encourage readers to move to a place of peace and acceptance despite the absence.