More great news! Three Magination Press books have made it to the finals of the Children’s Book Council’s Kids’ Book Choice Awards in three categories. 

We need your help! Through November 14th kids, ages 3-18, are invited to vote for their favorites in each category.  

Voting is at where you’ll see Magination Press books in these categories:

Age 3-8: Best Picture Book Duo

Carrie Lara and Christine Battuz, creators of The Heart of Mi Familia 

The Heart of Mi Familia is a companion to Marvelous Maravilloso: Me and My Beautiful Family. 


Age 3-8: Favorite Early Reader Series

Feel Better Books Series by Leah Bowen and Holly Brochmann,  illustrated by Shirley Ng-Benitez

Titles Include:

A Feel Better Book for Little Sports

A Feel Better Book for Little Poopers

A Feel Better Book For Little Tears

A Feel Better Book for Little Tempers

A Feel Better Book for Little Worriers

Age 3-8: Favorite Illustrated Character

Bentley Bee from Bee Heartful: Spread Loving-Kindness by Frank J. Sileo, PhD,  illustrated by Claire Keay 

Other Bentley Bee Books include:

Bee Calm: The Buzz on Yoga

Bee Still: An Invitation to Mediation

Encourage kids to vote!

Related Books from Magination Press

  • The Heart of Mi Familia

    Carrie Lara, PsyD

    Follow a young girl as she works with her abuela and her grandma to create a wonderful birthday present for her brother that celebrates her multicultural family and honors both sides and generations of her family. This follow up to the award winning Marvelous Maravilliso: Me and My Beautiful Family is a must-read for all families.

  • A Feel Better Book for Little Sports

    Leah Bowen and Holly Brochmann

    Sports can be a BIG deal for a LITTLE kid!

    The acclaimed Feel Better Book series now offers an upbeat rhyming story that tackles the fun and the not-so-fun parts of sports: winning, losing, being a good sport, and even resilience. This is a helpful book for little ones who are just entering the world of competitive play, so that they can get the most out of their activities.

    Includes a Note to Parents and Caregivers with more information about ways to help kids get the most out of sports.

    Read all of the Feel Better Books! A Feel Better Book For Little WorriersA Feel Better Book for Little TearsA Feel Better Book for Little PoopersA Feel Better Book for Little Tempers, and A Feel Better Book for Little Sports.

  • Bee Heartful: Spread Loving-Kindness

    Frank J. Sileo, PhD

    Readers will rejoice that Bentley the bee is back in this third book in Frank J. Sileo’s award-winning series.

    When compassionate Bentley sends loving-kindness thoughts to himself and others, he can feel his heart growing:

    May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you be safe. May you be peaceful.

    When Willie Wasp steals Bentley’s favorite red scarf, it really stings! Bentley has the whole garden buzzing as he works through the situation.

    This sweet story shows the power of strong, positive, and loving thoughts.

    Includes a note from the author with more information about loving-kindness and related meditation, and guidelines for how readers can practice being heartful just like Bentley!