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Pooka & Bunni

Having a sibling can be fun, but it can be hard, too.  Bunni and Pooka are sisters. Bunni is big, clever, and interested in many things. Pooka is little, clever, and interested in doing whatever Bunni is doing. When Bunni builds a pillow castle, Pooka wants to help, but Bunni says she's too little. When Pooka accidentally knocks over the castle, she has to use her creativity and perseverance to rebuild, bigger and better. Even big sisters can learn from little ones! Hear author Jennifer Zivoin read Pooka and Bunni aloud.

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So Many Smarts!

Your own mix of Smarts will take you far, help you learn, do your best, and be who you are. What do you think of when someone says, "You're smart!" There are many ways of being smart beyond being "book smart" and everyone has their own special combination of Smarts. Explore and celebrate many different kinds of intelligence in Dr. Michael Genhart's book, So Many Smarts!. He reads it aloud for you here!

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Accordionly: Abuelo and Opa Make Music

What would you do if both of your grandpas were visiting, but they couldn't talk to each other? Abuelo speaks Spanish. Opa speaks German. They can't talk to each other, so there is a lot of silence when they visit. But they both play the accordion, and music is a universal language! Hear Dr. Michael Genhart read his book, Accordionly: Abuelo and Opa Make Music, aloud. He also talks about his family, how families can blend and celebrate cultures, and suggests a family tree activity. Read a post by Dr. Genhart about writing this book here.

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