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What Boys Do

What exactly do boys do? The answer is ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! From eating to dreaming, making mistakes to exploring, to hurting and loving, there is more to being a boy than meets the eye. What Boys Do by Jon Lasser, PhD, is a fun, affirming book that holds no restraints to traditional norms about what it means to be a boy. Read an excerpt from the readers note with strategies to support boys. Hear Dr. Lasser read What Boys Do aloud.

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When Nana Dances

Nana can make any object a dancing partner. An umbrella, a broom, even a rake! Both onstage and off, she can shimmy, she can mambo, and do the bunny hop. She’s won prizes and can dance to grandpa’s music or to her own beat. But nothing is more special than when grandma dances with her grandchildren. This fun story is filled with the movement, energy, and laughter that comes when kids dance with their grandparents. Read an interview with authors Jane Yolen and Maddison Stemple-Piatt about creating the book. Hear the authors read When Nana Dances aloud.

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As Babies Dream

As Babies Dream by Lesléa Newman is a sweet, rhyming lullaby. It’s a calming ode to nature where a loving family embraces their child as night falls and dream time begins. From rivers to eagles, to lions and lambs, to leaves and rain, and to stars and the moon, the soothing sounds of the world become the inspiration for a loving night of restful sleep for a weary baby. Read an interview with Lesléa about creating As Babies Dream. Hear As Babies Dream read aloud!

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