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The Hugging Tree

Storms will come and storms will go... Sometimes the world can be a hard place to be. Have you ever felt like your life was a storm? Like you were being blown around by the wind and rain? And how did you feel after the tough time? Maybe like the sun came out and warmed you up? The Hugging Tree is a story about a tree that grows on a cliff near the ocean. The little tree struggles through wind, waves, and winter, but manages to make it through and grow big and strong. Hear Nicole Reardon read this Magination Press book about resilience aloud. Download the teacher's guide for The Hugging Tree here.

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A Box of Butterflies

What does love feel like? What does love feel like to you? A box of butterflies? A colorful dancing kite? Everyone has feelings—and we all experience feelings in different ways. Join Ruby as she describes different emotions to her friend, Robot, when Magination Press author, Jo Rooks, reads A Box of Butterflies aloud! Dr. Elizabeth McCallum wrote the Note to Parents and Caregivers for A Box of Butterflies. Click here to read an excerpt providing guidance about how to support children's emotional development. For downloadable activity pages created for A Box of Butterflies, click here.

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Fantastic You!

There's a special person you are going to be with your whole life. Can you guess who? When you feel sad, disappointed, or frustrated, who is always there to cheer you up or encourage you? YOU!  It's important to take care of yourself: talk kindly, be patient with, and forgive yourself. Hear author, Danielle Dufayet read her book, Fantastic You!, aloud. Click here to read an excerpt from the Note to Parents and Caregivers in Fantastic You!  Dr. Julia Martin Burch provides guidance about helping children learn self-care skills.

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