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Giraffe Asks for Help

...everyone needs help sometimes. And that's OK! It feels good to be able to do things by yourself, but sometimes you need help. Asking for help can feel good, too! Hear Giraffe Asks for Help author, Nyasha M. Chikowore, read aloud about how Gary Giraffe reaches the tastiest acacia leaves with some help from his friends.

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Giraffe Asks for Help 2020-04-23T15:57:12-04:00

Lucy in the City

Have you ever had to find your way home? When Lucy gets distracted by a delicious jar of peanut butter, she gets separated from her family. With the help of an owl, and his birds-eye-view, Lucy uses her senses to find her way back to her family's cozy den. Hear author, Julie Dillemuth, PhD, read Lucy in the City aloud! For more information and fun activities to help your child learn spatial thinking skills, check out this blog post.

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Lucy in the City 2020-04-15T13:37:19-04:00