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Helping Kids Tell the Truth

July 7 is National Tell the Truth Day. Not only is honesty the best policy, a study at the University of Notre Dame suggests that telling the truth is good for your physical and mental health. So how do you help kids learn the importance of telling the truth? The Truth About Lying: Teaching Honesty to Children at Every Age and Stage by Victoria Talwar, PhD, a book from APA's LifeTools imprint, can help. Here is some information about this parenting book: All children lie. But when your child lies to you, it can feel like a personal betrayal. Backed by years of psychological research, this common-sense, practical guide reveals which parenting strategies promote truthfulness in children—and which ones don’t. Lying is a healthy and inevitable part of child development. But when do lies become a problem? In this book, psychologist Victoria Talwar, director of the Talwar Child Development Lab at McGill University, presents practical, science-based strategies to address lying and foster truthfulness in children, from early childhood to the teenage years. Kids need to learn what honesty looks like in different social situations, and also how to tell the truth in ways that do not hurt others’ feelings—a complicated task! Parents and caregivers will learn how to use stories and examples to have proactive conversations with children about honesty, and how to model honest behavior for children. Talwar shows readers how to respond effectively when a child lies (as they inevitably will). Read the introduction to the book here. The Truth About Lying will be published on July 19th, but you can preorder a copy now. Check out other LifeTools titles, including a number of books on parenting.                                                             

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