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Help for Kids With ADHD for Back-to-school and Throughout the Year

What would happen if four kids with ADHD teamed up to help each other do better at school? They’d create The Homework Squad. Prisha, Mateo, Michael, and Hunter meet and decide to work together for a year to identify and test different skills to help them.  Dr. Joshua Shifrin’s book, The Homework Squad’s ADHD Guide to School Success, provides strategies and skills to help kids improve reading, writing, math, listening, memorization, concentration, and more! Here’s an excerpt: We decided to call ourselves the Homework Squad. We made a pact:  Meet every Tuesday after school.  Research at least one study skill each week to help our ADHD.  Test the skills together.  Add every skill that works to our super-sacred, ultra-official guidebook: THE HOMEWORK SQUAD’S ADHD GUIDE TO SCHOOL SUCCESS  We’ve now met for a whole school year and have come up with over 100 amazing ADHD study skills.  KINGDOM KEYS The Homework Squad discovered that some ideas kept popping up over and over again in our research. We decided to label these skills the “Kingdom Keys,” because they are so important for unlocking an ADHD brain. Some Kingdom Keys include:  Pace, don’t race. Many ADHD students want to finish every assignment quickly before they get bored, or because it’s overdue. Slowing down can actually help them finish faster.  Break it down. ADHD students can feel overwhelmed by thick books, big projects, or long tests. Breaking an assignment into small pieces can be the key that unlocks success.  Set goals and reward yourself. Build in rewards for your hard work. Treat yourself when you reach a goal.  Practice. Any skill worth truly mastering is going to take practice. We know it’s a cliché, but practice really does make perfect.  These key skills turn up in some form in most of the chapters because they are fundamental to developing good study habits.  In each chapter, the Homework Squad listed the most common challenges we faced. For each challenge, we’ve put together the tricks that worked for us. At the end of each chapter, you’ll find a fun journal prompt that encourages you to try out one of the tricks and reflect on whether or not it worked for you.  We don’t expect every single trick to be a good fit for you (that would be slightly weird), which is why it’s a good idea to try them on for size. We suggest grabbing a separate journal. Go ahead and answer some or all of the questions once you read the chapter and decide which tricks you’d like to use in the future. ★“Meet the Homework Squad, four very different and racially diverse students with one thing in common: their ADHD diagnosis… The tips and tricks, appropriately, are not one size fits all, so readers are encouraged to try them all and keep track of what works… An important, affirming, and beneficial resource.” —Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEW

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Build Your Library: Nurturing Your Gifts

Everyone has different gifts and abilities. Recognizing and nurturing one's gifts helps build confidence and a positive self-image. As kids get ready to head back to school, whether in person or online, they may be questioning their "smarts." These books, from Magination Press's Build Your Library Collection, can help you support your child as they explore and develop their gifts and sense of self. Being Me: A Kid's Guide to Boosting Confidence and Self-Esteem by Wendy L. Moss, PhD explores confidence and provides tips and advice to build it. It also provides tools to explore strengths and feel more confident in school or with friends. Fantastic You! by Danielle Dufayet celebrates individuality and encourages children to practice self-care, including positive self-talk and self-compassion. Hear Ms. Dufayet read Fantastic You! aloud here. I Want Your Moo: A Story for Children About Self-Esteem by Marcella Bakur Weiner, EdD, PhD, and Jill Neimark explores how it feels to not like yourself and how empowering it can be to embrace your uniqueness in a fun, rhyming picture book. Neon Words: 10 Brilliant Ways to Light Up Your Writing by Marge Pellegrino and Kay Sather provides writing prompts and activities to connect the word-organizing part of the brain to the free-ranging imagination. Playing with words can boost confidence and help you be more present in life. Print out sample pages from Neon Words here. So Many Smarts by Michael Genhart, PhD explores and celebrates all kinds of smarts—nature smarts, people smarts, music smarts, spatial smarts, and more. Hear Dr. Genhart read So Many Smarts! aloud here. Through October 31, 2020, get 25% off your purchase and free shipping when you order books directly from Magination Press through Click here to books and use code FF25 at checkout.

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