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Creating The Find Out Files My Emotions: Interview with the Author

Magination Press's new series of activity books, The Find Out Files, help kids explore emotions and relationships. Magination Press interviewed author and parenting expert, Isabelle Filliozat, about creating My Emotions, one of the books in The Find Out Files. Magination Press: What inspired you to create The Find Out Files series? Isabelle Filliozat: Until now I had only written essays and self-help books for adults on emotions and relationships. I always argue in my books and seminars that all this information and these tools that help living in better harmony with oneself and others should be learned at school. Emotional and relational intelligence can be trained from the beginning. So finally, writing for children was a natural continuum of my work. I realized it was time to address the children directly, to empower them with information.  Then the question of how arose. You learn better when you are active, that’s why I choose this format. First, the child is immersed in a pleasant activity. The activity is chosen to help him discover information or develop a skill. MP:  Who identified the seven basic emotions you explore in My Emotions? Is that something in psychology in general or categories you created for the book? IF: My approach is mainly based on the work of Joseph Ledoux and, of course, Paul Ekman. The field of emotion is relatively new. The scientists don’t agree yet on a list of emotions; it depends on many factors and the way you define emotion (because even for the definition, there is no consensus).  In 1972, Paul Ekman published a list of 6 basic emotions : fear, anger, disgust, joy, sadness, surprise. A few years later, his list was enlarged to 16, including shame. I followed him on that. Many experts on emotions saw the relevance of including shame in basic emotions, even if it was a social emotion. More recently, to create an atlas of emotions, (a map the Dalaï Lama asked him to build), Ekman led a large survey of 149 different scientists to gather a consensus. He concluded on five categories of emotions: anger, fear, disgust, sadness and enjoyment. They are the emotions in the Disney movie Inside Out. (He was a counselor for the film). So you see, nothing is completely fixed yet. During my professional life time, like Paul Ekman, my ideas have evolved. The seven emotions we explore in My Emotions are the seven I consider now as relevant. I add love, because love is a sentiment but also an emotion. I don’t use surprise; I may one day, but surprise is a startle reflex, the beginning of fear, the protection system. A categorization is only a categorization, it isn't the “reality." The more the scientists work on the field, the more information we get, the more we can refine our model. A model, a categorization, helps to label and to discriminate between different states. It is the first step to mastering. MP: Why is talking about and exploring emotions important?

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Explore Emotions and Relationships with The Find Out Files

Feelings! Family! How do you manage them? Even as an adult, this can be challenging. Kids are learning to identify and manage emotions and interact with siblings in a healthy way. The Find Out Files can help! These activity books were created by renowned French psychotherapist and parenting expert, Issabelle Filliozat, to help kids master their emotions and understand their sibling relationships. Watch this video, where Ms. Filliozat describes the books in The Find Out Files. Check out this post, describing each book and stay tuned for upcoming posts where Magination Press interviews Ms. Filliozat about creating each book.

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Magination Press Family Learning At Home: Activity Books to Explore Feelings

Learning about emotions and relationships is a life-long task. Every day, parents and caregivers help children learn to identify, manage, and express feelings in a healthy way and to develop strong and healthy relationships. The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified that task, as people, young and old, all over the world are coping with anxiety, fear, sadness, loneliness, and uncertainty brought on by the health crisis, and parents are managing their children's learning at home. A new series of activity books, just published by Magination Press, provides kids the opportunity to work through the feelings they may be having and sometimes complicated sibling relationships. Written by renowned French parenting expert Isabelle Filliozat, The Find Out Files activity books explore feelings and the experience of having siblings. Using activities, stickers, and funny illustrations, these books make it fun for kids to discover "what makes you, YOU!" The Find Out Files provide a unique and engaging platform for social-emotional learning. Each book has drawing activities, quizzes, crafts, and stickers, as well as an extensive note for parents and caregivers with tips and tools for exploring the topic. There are four books in the series: My Emotions My Emotions is a fun-filled tool for kids to discover self-expression and awareness. It offers kids all sorts of information to nourish and appreciate their emotional life. Young readers will learn how to name their emotions, understand and accept their feelings, and develop emotional self-awareness so they can get on with the business of being a kid. My Fears Everyone can be less afraid with practice and feel more confident and sure of themselves. This not-so-scary activity book helps kids understand why they get fearful and reassure them that everyone feels afraid sometimes. Children discover how some fears and worries are useful and how to deal with other fears that are not helpful. My Fears can also help kids face their fears and learn to take chances, have fun, and be a less afraid kid! My Anger My Anger will help kids understand that getting angry is a normal part of life. It may be a bit uncomfortable at times, but it’s OK if kids need to be mad! Children explore anger through fun activities coupled with humorous illustrations and discover what it means to be angry, why it happens to everyone, and how to better handle it. Allowing children to work through their anger helps them better understand themselves, others, and the world, and will help them establish their sense of self and self-confidence. My Sibling This book offers activities to help kids get along with their brothers and sisters. Kids think that they are expected to love their brothers and sisters unconditionally, but sibling relationships can be really complicated. My Sibling covers jealousy, fairness, sharing, the parent-child relationship, and tons more. It helps kids find a common ground with their siblings if things get too fraught or upsetting. Young readers will figure out how to navigate frustrating situations, understand their sibling's perspective, talk about family dynamics

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