Having a sibling can be fun, but it can be hard, too.  Bunni and Pooka are sisters. Bunni is big, clever, and interested in many things. Pooka is little, clever, and interested in doing whatever Bunni is doing.

When Bunni builds a pillow castle, Pooka wants to help, but Bunni says she’s too little. When Pooka accidentally knocks over the castle, she has to use her creativity and perseverance to rebuild, bigger and better.

Even big sisters can learn from little ones!

Hear author Jennifer Zivoin read Pooka and Bunni aloud.

by Jennifer Zivoin

This Article's Author

Jennifer Zivoin earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University, Bloomington, and has illustrated more than 40 children’s books, including Pooka & Bunni, which was the first book she also wrote, A World of Pausabillies, and Something Happened in Our Town, which was a Notable Social Students Trade Book for Young People book and an Action Book Club selection. Her artwork has appeared in children’s magazines, including Highlights High Five and Clubhouse Jr., at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, and in books by Bill O’Reilly, James Patterson, and the band Guns N’ Roses. She lives in Carmel, IN. Visit her online.

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  • Pooka & Bunni

    Jennifer Zivoin

    Oh no! Pooka knocked down her big sister Bunni’s pillow castle! Pooka needs to fix it before Bunni returns. Even though she’s small, Pooka uses her big imagination, creativity, and perseverance to figure out how to build an even better castle.

    This clever story highlights sibling bonding and how big sisters can learn a lot from their little sisters!