…everyone needs help sometimes. And that’s OK!

It feels good to be able to do things by yourself, but sometimes you need help. Asking for help can feel good, too!

Hear Giraffe Asks for Help author, Nyasha M. Chikowore, read aloud about how Gary Giraffe reaches the tastiest acacia leaves with some help from his friends.

by Nyasha Chikowore

This Article's Author

Nyasha Chikowore is a former licensed clinical professional counselor who has conducted individual, group, and family therapy, and provided classroom and school-wide prevention activities related to mental health. She works to encourage help-seeking behavior in an effort to destigmatize all kinds of help, including mental health services. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in clinical psychology and plans to work with children, adolescents, adults, families, and couples in the near future. She lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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  • Giraffe Asks For Help

    By Nyasha M. Chikowore

    Gary Giraffe is so excited to finally turn six — now he should be able to reach the acacia leaves all on his own!

    When things don’t go exactly as he’d planned, Gary is distraught. He tries and tries to get to the leaves himself, but he’s just not tall enough. The other giraffes can do it — why can’t he?

    Gary doesn’t want to have to ask for help, but his friends convince him that everyone needs help sometimes. And that’s OK!

    Includes a Note to Parents & Caregivers with more information on help-seeking and independence in children.