There’s a special person you are going to be with your whole life. Can you guess who?

When you feel sad, disappointed, or frustrated, who is always there to cheer you up or encourage you? YOU! 

It’s important to take care of yourself: talk kindly, be patient with, and forgive yourself.

Hear author, Danielle Dufayet read her book, Fantastic You!, aloud.

Click here to read an excerpt from the Note to Parents and Caregivers in Fantastic You!  Dr. Julia Martin Burch provides guidance about helping children learn self-care skills.

by Danielle Dufayet

This Article's Author

Danielle Dufayet teaches English and public speaking/self-empowerment classes for kids. She has a bachelor's in English literature and a master's in psychology. She has always been drawn to the beauty and simplicity of picture books and attracted by their powerful psychological impact on young minds. She believes that books are magic little gems that can change one's life. She lives in San Jose, California.

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  • Fantastic You!

    Danielle Dufayet

    There’s one special person you get to spend your whole life with: YOU! Which means there’s no one you should take better care of!

    When you cheer yourself on and cheer yourself up, you make the world a happier place. Life is amazing when you share it with the people you love: family, friends, and always with YOU!

    Fantastic You shows readers how to develop and nurture a loving and positive relationship with themselves. Kids will learn that self-care includes positive self-talk and self-compassion for a happy, self-empowered life.