No two families are exactly alike, but all families are created with love!

Magination Press is proud to publish books that celebrate LBGTQ+ families.

Papa, Daddy, & Riley by Seamus Kirst explores how Riley and her dads help her understand their family. When Riley’s classmate asks her which of her dads is the “real one,” Riley is upset. She loves both her dads and doesn’t want to choose. Papa and Daddy help Riley think about her special relationship with both of them and realize that both her dads are her “real dads.”

Read a post Seamus Kirst wrote about the power of inclusion and why he wrote Papa, Daddy, & Riley here.

In My Maddy, by Gayle E. Pitman, PhD, a child describes their parent, who is neither a boy nor a girl, but something in between and entirely fantastically their own. This lovely exploration of what it means for a person to identify as non-binary provides many examples typical parent and child experiences.

Read about how gender diverse parents can support their kids here.

All Ways Family is a story about all kinds of families: families with two moms or two dads, families with a grandma and a child, or a single parent, families with biological children and families with adopted children. It covers who babies are conceived, where babies come from, and how families become families. All Ways Family also contains a glossary and section with frequently asked questions.

Read an excerpt from the glossary in All Ways Family with words describing different family structures here.

Check out Magination Press’s full Rainbow Collection here.

Magination Press, the children’s books imprint of the American Psychological Association, is proud to offer our Rainbow Collection, books for kids and teens that celebrate LGBTQ+ voices and promote inclusive school and family values.

Our books:

  • are evidence-based and written by child development experts
  • come with guides for caregivers and resources to further books’ messaging in the classroom, in the community, and at home
  • backed by the American Psychological Association’s mission to benefit society and improve lives

Related Books from Magination Press

  • Papa, Daddy, & Riley

    Seamus Kirst

    Riley is Papa’s princess and Daddy’s dragon. She loves her two fathers! When Riley’s classmate asks her which dad is her real one, Riley is confused. She doesn’t want to have to pick one or the other.

    Families are made of love in this heartwarming story that shows there are lots of ways to be part of one.

  • My Maddy

    Gayle E. Pitman, PhD

    Most mommies are girls. Most daddies are boys. But lots of parents are like my Maddy.

    My Maddy has hazel eyes which are not brown or green. And my Maddy likes sporks because they are not quite a spoon or a fork.

    The best things in the world are not one thing or the other. They are something in between and entirely their own.

  • All Ways Family

    Noemi Fernandez Selva

    Paula will soon have a little brother. Martina wonders why she only has a mom, and John remembers when he was adopted.

    Families are like people: No two are alike! Some kids live with their mom and dad, some kids live with two moms or two dads or just one parent. Lots of kids are adopted. Some kids know their birth parents, some do not.

    All Ways Family is a story about all the kinds of families and all about yours, too! You will also discover how babies are conceived, where babies come from, and how families become families.

    Contains informative end matter with a glossary of terms and frequently asked questions.

    Originally published in Spanish by Editorial Planeta, S. A.; Written in consultation with Dexeus Mujer, Barcelona, Spain.