We Made It To the Finals! Vote to Help Us Win!

More great news! Three Magination Press books have made it to the finals of the Children’s Book Council’s Kids’ Book Choice Awards in three categories.  We need your help! Through November 14th kids, ages 3-18, are invited to vote for their favorites in each category.   Voting is at www.everyChildaReader.net/vote where you’ll see Magination Press books in these categories: Age 3-8: Best Picture Book Duo Carrie Lara and Christine Battuz, creators of The Heart of Mi Familia  The Heart of Mi Familia is a companion to Marvelous Maravilloso: Me and My Beautiful Family.    Age 3-8: Favorite Early Reader Series Feel Better Books Series by Leah Bowen and Holly Brochmann,  illustrated by Shirley Ng-Benitez Titles Include: A Feel Better Book for Little Sports A Feel Better Book for Little Poopers A Feel Better Book For Little Tears A Feel Better Book for Little Tempers A Feel Better Book for Little Worriers Age 3-8: Favorite Illustrated Character Bentley Bee from Bee Heartful: Spread Loving-Kindness by Frank J. Sileo, PhD,  illustrated by Claire Keay  Other Bentley Bee Books include: Bee Calm: The Buzz on Yoga Bee Still: An Invitation to Mediation Encourage kids to vote!

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Dance With Me! Upbeat Books to Celebrate Dance

September 18 is National Dance Day. Whether you love hip hop, ballet, salsa, polka, swing, ballroom, or folk dancing, moving to music is a universal experience. These upbeat Magination Press books celebrate dancing with family, friends, and even on your own. When Nana Dances by Jane Yolen and Maddison Stemple-Piatt Nana can make any object a dancing partner. An umbrella, a broom, even a rake! Both onstage and off, she can shimmy, she can mambo, and do the bunny hop. She’s won prizes and can dance to grandpa’s music or to her own beat. But nothing is more special than when grandma dances with her grandchildren. This fun story is filled with the movement, energy, and laughter that comes when kids dance with their grandparents. Accordionly: Abuelo and Opa Make Music by Michael Genhart, PhD When both grandpas, Abuelo and Opa, visit at the same time, they can’t understand each other’s language and there is a lot of silence. The grandson’s clever thinking helps find a way for everyone to share the day together as two cultures become one family. Hector’s Favorite Place by Jo Rooks Hector loves his cozy, snugly, safe home. It's his favorite place to be. Hector loves his home so much that he doesn't often go out, and soon, it starts to affect his friendships. Can Hector find the courage to break out of his comfort zone? Move Your Mood! by Brenda S. Miles, PhD, and Colleen A. Patterson, MA Feeling blah? Here's what to do. Move your body and your mood moves too! Move Your Mood! invites kids and adults to twist, wiggle, shake, hop…and smile! Reading this book with your child is an active and fun way to teach your child about emotions, and introduce the idea that moving our bodies affects the way we feel inside. Ready to start feeling better? Move and groove your way into a better mood!

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As Babies Dream: An Interview With the Author

As Babies Dream by Lesléa Newman is a sweet, rhyming lullaby. It's a calming ode to nature where a loving family embraces their child as night falls and dream time begins. From rivers to eagles, to lions and lambs, to leaves and rain, and to stars and the moon, the soothing sounds of the world become the inspiration for a loving night of restful sleep for a weary baby. Magination Press interviewed Ms. Newman about her inspiration for the book and the process of creating it. Lesléa and her mother Magination Press: What inspired you to write As Babies Dream? Lesléa Newman: The text was originally written as a poem to express my gratitude for the love my parents gave me from the very first moment that I was born. MP: How did you choose the different animals and ecosystems you included? LN: Since the book is a rhyming text, the animals were largely chosen by playing with language in order to get the words, and especially the sounds of the words, just right. MP: Why focus on animals and natural phenomena until the very last page? LN: I wanted to show that we human animals are part of the beautiful, diverse, natural world around us and all creatures are comforted by loving parents who create a safe harbor to give their offspring a place to dream. MP: There are many bedtime books and books featuring adult and baby animals. Why did you want to create one? LN: There can never be enough of them! Lesléa and her grandmother, 1956 MP: What did you think when you first saw Taia Morley’s illustrations? LN: I was absolutely astonished and delighted at the way she so beautifully brought my text to life. MP: Did you discuss which animals would be in illustrations that don’t name the animals specifically with Ms. Morley? LN: As is usual in the creation of picture books, I did not have any contact with the artist. She was free to interpret my text and use her considerable talent in any way she wished. MP: Did you discuss the depiction of diverse families on the last page with Morley? LN: I discussed this extensively with my editor, as representation of diversity is extremely important to me. And I am thrilled with this illustration. MP: Why show families in an urban setting instead of in nature, like the animals? LN: That was the choice of my editor and illustrator.  Lesléa and her grandmother, 1989 MP: Do you have a favorite lullaby or bedtime story? One that you remember from your childhood or from reading to children?  LN: My grandmother sang the Yiddish lullaby “Rozhinkes mit Mandlen” (“Raisins and Almonds”) to me when I was a baby. The last time she sang it to me, she was 99 years old and I was 33. I can still hear her beautiful voice in my head singing that haunting melody.

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