Feelings! Family! How do you manage them? Even as an adult, this can be challenging. Kids are learning to identify and manage emotions and interact with siblings in a healthy way. The Find Out Files can help! These activity books were created by renowned French psychotherapist and parenting expert, Issabelle Filliozat, to help kids master their emotions and understand their sibling relationships.

Watch this video, where Ms. Filliozat describes the books in The Find Out Files.

Check out this post, describing each book and stay tuned for upcoming posts where Magination Press interviews Ms. Filliozat about creating each book.

by Isabelle Filliozat

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Isabelle Filliozat is a psychotherapist, speaker, and author of books on positive parenting. She created Filliozat & Co, an organization presenting conferences, workshops, and online resources for parents. Isabelle lives in France. Visit her at filliozat.net and on Facebook and Twitter @ifilliozat.

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  • The Find Out Files: My Emotions

    Isabelle Filliozat and Virginie Limousin

    This clever activity book is a fun-filled tool for kids to discover self-expression and awareness. It offers kids all sorts of information to nourish and appreciate their emotional life.

    Young readers will learn how to name their emotions, understand and accept their feelings, and develop emotional self-awareness so they can get on with the business of being a kid.

  • The Find Out Files: My Fears

    Isabelle Filliozat

    This not-so-scary activity book helps kids understand why they get fearful and reassure them that everyone feels afraid sometimes.

    Using the fun activities plus DIY crafts, stickers, and more this book will help kids face their fears and learn to take chances, have fun, and be a less afraid kid!

    Includes a Readers Note written for adults with information tools and tips for exploring the topic with their children.

  • The Find Out Files: My Anger

    Isabelle Filliozat

    This useful activity book will help kids understand that getting angry is a normal part of life. It may be a bit uncomfortable at times, but it’s OK if kids need to be mad!

    Children will explore anger through fun activities coupled with humorous illustrations and will discover what it means to be angry, why it happens to everyone, and how to better handle it.

    Allowing children to work through their anger will help them better understand themselves, others, and the world. It will help them establish their sense of self and self-confidence.

    Includes Readers Note written for adults with information tools and tips for exploring the topic with their children.

  • The Find Out Files: My Sibling

    Isabelle Filliozat

    This helpful activity book offers activities to help kids get along with their brothers and sisters. Kids think that they are expected to love their brothers and sisters unconditionally, but sibling relationships can be really complicated.

    This book covers jealousy, fairness, sharing, parent-relationship, and tons more and helps kids find a common ground with their siblings if things get too fraught or upsetting.

    Includes an extensive section for parents and caregivers with tools and tips for exploring the topic.