Today is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. In observance, we’re highlighting books about the power of kindness. 

What do we do to change the world? One random act of kindness at a time. Morgan Freeman

Grow Kind by Jon Lasser, PhD and Sage Foster-Lasser
Kiko grows and cultivates her garden, harvesting and sharing the fruits and veggies with her friends, neighbors, and family. This delightful tale serves as a metaphor of nurturing relationships and community, while sharing kindness with others. Grow Kind is a gentle narrative based on positive psychology and choice theory, essentially about cultivating kindness.

“Grow Kind is a wonderful book that helps teach children the importance of kindness and how small acts of kindness make a difference for others.”
—Talking About Books for Kids

Jon Lasser reads Grow Kind aloud in Magination Press Story Time.

I See You by Michael Genhart, PhD
I See You is an award-winning, wordless picture book that depicts a homeless woman who is not seen by everyone around her — except for a little boy. Over the course of a year, the boy is witness to all that she endures. Ultimately, in a gesture of compassion, the boy acknowledges her in an exchange in which he sees her and she experiences being seen. This book opens the door for kids and parents to begin a conversation about homelessness.

In a “Note for Parents, Educators, and Neighbors,” there are discussion questions and additional resources about helping the homeless.

“About heart, compassion and connecting with others…the emotion and candor captured by this story are beautifully brought to life”.
—Children’s Books Heal

Big Brave Bold Sergio by Debbie Wegenbach
Swimming with the Snappers makes Sergio feel BIG, BRAVE, and BOLD.
But sometimes the Snappers’ idea of fun gives Sergio “squishy” feelings. He doesn’t like it when they start picking on a minnow named Gil…but it’s hard to stand up to your friends!

Includes a Note to Parents and Caregivers by Julia Martin Burch, PhD, on bullying, friendship, fitting in, and ways to discuss these issues with your child.
Read interviews with the author and illustrator:
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Red, Yellow, Blue by Lysa Mullady
Red loves being red! Apples, wagons, fire trucks — he thinks all the best things are red!
Yellow admires Red’s roses, but Red just wants to be left to mind his own business — why can’t Yellow mind hers? But when Yellow and Blue go off to make frogs, shamrocks, and caterpillars, Red realizes that he may be missing out. The possibilities are endless when the colors work together!

Includes a Note to Parents and Caregivers with more information on encouraging empathy and cooperation.

This is a wonderful book about teamwork, acceptance, kindness, forgiveness, self-esteem and emotions.

Read an excerpt from the Note to Parents and Caregivers.

Kindness comes in many forms: sharing, acknowledging others’ experiences, standing up to bullies for a friend, or forgiving people. Talk with your child about what kindness looks and feels like, and how they can use kindness to change the world.