August 1 marked National Sisters’ Day. What does it mean to have a sister? What does it mean to be one? These Magination Press stories explore sisterhood in a variety of forms.

The Heart of Mi Familia by Carrie Lara, PsyD

Follow a young girl as she works with her abuela and her grandma to create a wonderful birthday present for her brother that celebrates her multicultural family and honors both sides and generations of her family. This follow up to the award winning Marvelous Maravilliso: Me and My Beautiful Family is a must-read for all families.

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Pooka and Bunny by Jennifer Zivoin

Oh no! Pooka knocked down her big sister Bunni’s pillow castle! Pooka needs to fix it before Bunni returns. Even though she’s small, Pooka uses her big imagination, creativity, and perseverance to figure out how to build an even better castle.

This clever story highlights sibling bonding and how big sisters can learn a lot from their little sisters!

Read an interview with Jennifer Zivion about creating Pooka and Bunni.

Hear Pooka and Bunni read aloud.

The Find Out Files: My Sibling by Isabelle Filliozat

This helpful activity book offers activities to help kids get along with their brothers and sisters. Kids think that they are expected to love their brothers and sisters unconditionally, but sibling relationships can be really complicated.

This book covers jealousy, fairness, sharing, parent-relationship, and tons more and helps kids find a common ground with their siblings if things get too fraught or upsetting.

Includes an extensive section for parents and caregivers with tools and tips for exploring the topic.

Read an interview with Isabelle Filliozat about creating My Sibling.

Autism, The Invisible Cord: A Sibling’s Diary by Barbara S. Cain, MSW

“Sure, everyone at school knows about Ezra. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. But I don’t talk about him to anyone but Zoe…I rarely talk about him even to her. She doesn’t ask and I don’t tell. If I were to bare my soul about Ez, I’d worry she might turn against him or think less of me or say something about him I couldn’t forgive. So I stay silent.”

Meet Jenny — a teen who confides in her diary about what it is like to live with Ezra, her younger brother with autism, and her life with the most “wacky, exasperating, infuriating, amazing younger brother!

If living with Ezra weren’t hard enough, Jenny must deal with school bullies, rude classmates, and fragile friendships. But with the promise of a summer writing program and an Ezra-inspired project, Jenny finds the courage to be more than just “Ezra’s sister, protector, defender, and his best and only friend,” and loosens the invisible cord just enough to follow her own dreams. 

Includes a Note to Readers.

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