In June, we celebrate the LGBTQ+ community with Pride Month. Magination Press celebrates LGBTQ+ kids and families year-round with these books for LGBTQ+ kids and teens.

Jacob’s School Play: Starring He, She, and They by Ian and Sarah Hoffman

In his third book, Jacob, a gender-nonconforming kindergartner, prepares for a school play. A classmate, Ari, uses “they/them” pronouns, and Jacob finds it confusing. Jacob’s teacher helps him understand what it means to identify as nonbinary and why Ari uses “they.” 

Read an interview about the school play with Jacob here.

Read an interview with Jacob about his second book, Jacob’s Room to Choose, here.

My Maddy by Gayle E. Pitman, PhD

Most mommies are girls. Most daddies are boys. But lots of parents are like Maddy.

Maddy has hazel eyes which are not brown or green. And Maddy likes sporks because they are not quite a spoon or a fork.

The best things in the world are not one thing or the other. They are something in between and entirely their own. My Maddy explores what it’s like to have a gender-nonconforming parent from a child’s perspective. 

Read an excerpt from My Maddy’s Note to Readers here.

Papa, Daddy, & Riley by Seamus Kirst

This book explores Riley’s experience when one of her schoolmates asks which one of her dads is her real father. It celebrates the special, unique relationships children have with each of their parents and the love that makes a family.

Hear Papa, Daddy, & Riley read aloud here. 

Read a piece by Seamus Kirst about the power of inclusion here.

Trans+: Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You by Karen Rayne, PhD and Kathryn Gonzales, MBA

This all-inclusive, uncensored guide is for teens who are transgender, nonbinary, gender nonconforming, or gender fluid.

Read an interview with Karen Rayne and Kathryn Gonzales about writing Trans+ here. 

Read an excerpt from Trans+’s dictionary to learn about accurate and respectful language to discuss gender identity here.

Our Rainbow Collection has stories about  the rainbow flag, and LBGTQ+ community leaders, various aspects of LBGTQ+ history, and the LBGTQ+ experience for young readers and teens.