Her whiskers shivered. Her snout quivered. “This,” she said, “is uncharted territory.”

Camilla loves maps. Old maps, new maps, mini maps, skinny maps. Her favorite map is of her forest, and she wonders what it was like before it had been explored and mapped.

One morning, after a big snow, her friend, Parsley, needed help finding the creek. All the paths and landmarks were covered in snow. Camilla and Parsley set out to find the creek, make a new path, and create a new map of the forest.

Hear author, Dr. Julie Dillemuth, read Camilla, Cartographer aloud.

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by Julie Dillemuth, PhD

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Julie Dillemuth, PhD, is a spatial cognition geographer and children's writer. She is passionate about writing picture books for children that help develop spatial thinking skills. Her stories have appeared in Highlights for Children and Odyssey magazines. She is also the author of Lucy in the City and Mapping My Day.

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  • Camilla, Cartographer

    Julie Dillemuth, Ph.D.

    Camilla loves maps. Old ones, new ones, she loves them all! She often imagines what it must have been like to explore and discover a new path for the first time.

    One morning, Camilla wakes up to a huge snow storm. Her neighbor Parsley can’t find the path to the creek. But Camilla has her old map — which inspires her to make her own path and her own map!

    Includes a Note to Parents and Caregivers celebrating discovery, adventurous problem-solving, and a love of maps.