December 28 is National Call A Friend Day. It was created to remind us to slow down and talk to a friend. Magination Press has published more than 25 books for children and teens about friendship. Here are some of our recent books about making friends and the power of friendship.

Too Shy to Say Hi by Shannon Anderson

Shelli wants to make friends, but being shy stands in her way. She decides to take brave steps toward breaking out of her shell.

Nakata’s wispy, light brush strokes match the emotional impact of Shelli’s uncertainty, shimmering and delicate across the page… Echoes the inner thoughts some anxious children may have, hopefully making them feel less alone.” —Kirkus Reviews

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My Story Friend by Kalli Dakos

There is the person who tells the story. This is the storyteller. And there is the person who listens to the story. This is the story friend. As a child treks across the land in search of someone to tell his sad story to, he meets a gruff mountain man who can’t stand unhappy stories, a too busy to be bothered farmer, and finally, the old woman who tells stories herself, who is willing to listen. The act of telling the story leads the child to look at the other side and make what was dark lighter and full of hope and positivity.

Chen’s mixed-media illustrations include elements of chalk, watercolor, and pastels, using fanciful clothing and setting details to contribute to the tale’s folkloric feel. The boy learns that talking about something hard can soften the experience and maybe even help him cope, and Dakos’ universal story could help children facing varying problems consider how to move forward or how to help someone else.” —Booklist

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Baby Blue by Judi Abbot

Baby Blue is a little boy who lives in a blue world, full of blue trees, flowers, and animals. One day, he accidentally tears a hole in the world and a strange light pours in. Through the hole, he can see a world that isn’t blue, and another little person like him. Though Baby Blue is scared, he overcomes his fear and introduces himself to Baby Yellow.

Similar to the action in Abbot’s inspiration, Leo Lionni’s classic Little Blue and Little Yellow.” —Kirkus Reviews

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The Friendship Book by Wendy Moss, PhD
Figure out what you want out of your friendships, how to be a good friend, how to resolve conflicts, and much more! Full of practical tips, insightful quizzes, and relatable examples, The Friendship Book is the resource you need to figure out friendship.

An introspective how-to guide for kids and teens on how to make, keep, and let go of friends… the book sets readers up to better understand themselves and what they want and need, and it offers strategies for handling difficult situations.” —Kirkus Reviews

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Band Together by Chloe Douglass
Duck loves peace and quiet! When a rowdy band asks him to join the show, he agrees, but gets nervous to perform with them. Why would they want him to play with them? A charming tale about being with friends and making new ones.

A loner duck comes into his own…. Both vulnerability and self-confidence shine.” —Kirkus Reviews


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