Making music and making friends. What could be better? Duck loves living alone, but meets some fellow musicians and wonders if he could play music with them. He’s uncomfortable though, to ask for an invitation.

When the band needs help, will Duck be brave enough to step in?

Hear Chloe Douglass read Band Together aloud.

Read an interview with Ms. Douglass about making Band Together.

by Chloe Douglass

This Article's Author

Chloe Douglass works in her home studio to create illustrations, character designs, and story ideas. She graduated from Kingston University with an MA Illustration degree in 2012. She lives in Tooting, London. Visit her website Twitter and Instagram: @ChloeIllustrates

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  • Band Together

    Chloe Douglass

    Duck is a solo act. He loves the peace and solitude of his beachside home, strumming his ukulele beneath the stars. After helping stranded band players Bear, Fox, and Seagull fix their broken-down tour van, he has tons of fun playing songs and hanging out with his new friends.

    Maybe he could ask the Band if they want to play with him again. But why would they want to be friends with Duck?

    When Seagull gets sick, it looks like the concert will get canceled. Or will Duck drum up the courage and accept Bear’s invitation to join the Band? Will Duck help his new friends out?