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Dr. Laura Markham is founder of AhaParenting.com and author of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids; Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings, and her latest book, the Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids Workbook.

How Not to “Lose” Your Temper

Mindfulness is the opposite of "losing" your temper.  Don't get me wrong -- mindfulness doesn't mean you don't feel anger.  Being mindful means that you pay attention to what you're feeling, rather than just acting on it.  Anger is part of all relationships. It's acting on it mindlessly, with words or actions, that compromises our parenting (and other partnerships).

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How Not to “Lose” Your Temper 2018-08-01T08:21:07-04:00

Mindful Parenting

Being a parent loads you with so many responsibilities that it may surprise you to hear that after keeping your child physically safe and cared for, your top responsibility is mindfulness. But how else will you keep from lashing out at your child when life gets difficult?

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