About Gail Silver

Gail Silver is the founder of Yoga Child and The School Mindfulness Project Inc., is a contributing writer to Lion's Roar Magazine, a screenwriter of the animated film Planting Seeds of Mindfulness, and author of the award winning Anh's Anger children's book trilogy. Gail travels nationally and internationally to facilitate yoga and mindfulness based education. She lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mindful Bea and the Worry Tree

Bea breathes in, slow slow slow slow, filled with breath, she lets it go go go go... When you're anxious, do you feel hot or cold? Does your heart race or your stomach feel queasy? Bea feels this way sometimes, but knows that breathing slowly and deeply, and choosing what to think about can help her feel better. Hear author, Gail Silver, read Mindful Bea and the Worry Tree aloud! To read an excerpt from the Note to Parents and Caregivers by Dr. Ara J. Schmitt about mindful breathing, click here.

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