What does love feel like?

What does love feel like to you? A box of butterflies? A colorful dancing kite?

Everyone has feelings—and we all experience feelings in different ways. Join Ruby as she describes different emotions to her friend, Robot, when Magination Press author, Jo Rooks, reads A Box of Butterflies aloud!

Dr. Elizabeth McCallum wrote the Note to Parents and Caregivers for A Box of Butterflies. Click here to read an excerpt providing guidance about how to support children’s emotional development.

For downloadable activity pages created for A Box of Butterflies, click here.

by Jo Rooks

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Jo Rooks is an award-winning author-illustrator who studied graphic design and illustration at Bath School of Art and Design. She illustrated several award-winning books, including A Box of Butterflies and Hector's Favorite Place. Visit her at Jo Rooks Illustration and Follow her on Facebook: @JoRooksIllustration, Twitter: @JoRooksArt, and Instagram: @JoRooksIllustration.

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    Jo Rooks

    “I love that story,” said Ruby. “Did you love it too?”

    “Robot is just a machine. Robot cannot feel love.”

    Robot paused for a moment and said, ” What does love feel like?”