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Children's Books

Mindfulness with Bentley

Bentley Bee is back! In his new book Bee Calm: The Buzz on Yoga, Bentley Bee notices all of his friends in unusual poses. They’re practicing yoga! With a little help, Bentley learns yoga poses like Mountain, Chair, Airplane, Cobra, and more. Kids will love to follow Bentley and try the poses themselves as he gets buzzing about yoga in this kid-friendly introduction. Bee sure to check out the companion book Bee Still: An Invitation to Meditation to enhance your child’s mindfulness practice!

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In our bookstore, you’ll find additional kid-friendly books and resources to help your child practice mindfulness.

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Read More about Stress & Anxiety

At Magination Press Family: Stress & Anxiety in Kids, you’ll find helpful, reliable guidance from the experts at APA, including trustworthy information about anxiety, as well as a catalog of books published by Magination Press that specifically address stress and anxiety in a kid-friendly manner.

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Looking for a Psychologist?

Getting the help of a trained, licensed professional may be the best thing for your child. The APA’s Psychologist Locator can help you locate a therapist in your area.

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